Apple Blossoms, Bluebells, and Dogwood’s First Bloom

There are leaves still on the ground from last Fall, the lawn’s overgrown, and our season’s first flowers (the daffodils and hyacinths) are spent. I guess we can’t be lazy gardeners anymore! Andrew and I spent the weekend raking up leftover leaves from our deck, transplanting some spinach from a deck container to a ground … More Apple Blossoms, Bluebells, and Dogwood’s First Bloom

September Blooms and Harvests

Happy first day of Fall! It’s 80 degrees today but some leaves are just starting to change color here in Baltimore and local stores have been stocked with questionable pumpkin flavor combinations for weeks so Fall it must be!

Our garden is certainly seeing a bit of a change as we get later into the growing season. Our zucchini, soybeans, and muskmelon are now done but we still have plenty to keep us busy! … More September Blooms and Harvests

Monarchs and Milkweed

In early August, my mom gifted us a beautiful tropical milkweed plant, which has apparently been quite popular with the monarchs. We planted it in our backyard already aware of a couple monarch butterfly eggs on the plant. I spotted our first monarch caterpillar of the year on August 11 and went back to the plant every day afterwards to make sure he was still accounted for. … More Monarchs and Milkweed

Columbine Flowers

Some couples have a song, some have a special date location, we have a flower. In honor of Andrew’s and my wedding anniversary this week, today I’m talking about beautiful Columbines (Aquilegia)! How We Fell in Love (with Columbines!) Our introduction to the flower was simple: a former teacher of Andrew’s shared photos of Columbine’s … More Columbine Flowers