Rawlings Conservatory Visit — Spring Flower Display

2018-rawlings-9Two weeks ago, Andrew, his mom, and I had a chance to explore the Howard Peters Rawlings Conservatory and Botanic Gardens of Baltimore, catching the very last day of their 2018 Spring Flower display. It was Andrew’s and my first time to the conservatory (not counting a short visit to the grounds for a wedding a couple years earlier).

It was a bit chilly the day we visited, so I was grateful all the displays were indoors. Entry to the conservatory is free but they do recommend a $5 donation per person (which we happily gave as it was well worth the hour and a half of enjoyment we got out of it).

If you’re a fan of tulips, definitely get this event on your calendar for next year! Tulips, tulips, galore! And other things too, of course (they have an orchid room, desert house, mediterranean house, tropical house, and palm house), but tulips were definitely a central focus of their spring display.

For kids, they also had a reading corner set up and a scavenger hunt with clues throughout the gardens. Being the big kids that we are, we of course made completing the scavenger hunt one of our missions as we made our way through the conservatory!

Shame on us for not scoping out this gem just down the street from us earlier (though the one downside to this place is it does have pretty short hours). We will definitely be back later in the year to see what’s new in bloom and perhaps also to see their holiday display.

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