It’s finally looking like Spring!

Welcome back, fellow gardeners!

As is common for early Spring in Baltimore, the weather has been capricious to the point of frustration for those of us wanting to get out and plant! I think (hope) we’re finally past the threat of frost, and even though it’s about 2 weeks later than last year, many of our plants are making their comeback.

So, without having done anything just yet for this year, here’s what’s currently happening in our garden:


Always the first to bloom, the daffodils that were here before we purchased the house have come back again (this time they opened in late March, about a month later than last year). Ori is particularly delighted to have these back and takes it upon himself to “water” them daily.



The next to bloom in our garden are our beautiful hyacinths! We planted these last summer and they didn’t do very well but it seems after the long nap of winter, they are feeling refreshed and looking great!


Mini Rose Shrub

We keep changing our minds about what this plant is. It is similar but not quite a mock-orange or a bush cherry. Our best guess now is a variety of rose (Thanks, Jessie and Aunt Connie for the suggestions!). What we know: It’s a flowering shrub, about 4.5 ft tall, and covered in small white blossoms that bloom in early-mid April. It also has tons of small, slender leaves. It does not have thorns and it does not produce any berries.


Spinach and Garlic

We planted these late last Fall and managed one small harvest of the spinach before the cold weather coaxed them all into dormancy. Last week, Andrew harvested some of the spinach making it our first harvest of 2018. We sautéed it with olive oil and garlic (store-bought.. this time!) and it was delicious!


Apple Trees

Our apple trees flowered for the first time last year and the blossoms were so gorgeous that I can’t wait to see them again this year. Luckily, it looks like it won’t be too much longer now! One of our apple trees hasn’t leafed out yet (it’s not dead; we checked!) but the other two have been sending out leaves like crazy and one of them has dozens of little, pink buds.

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