Monticello and Garden Visit

A couple weekends ago, Andrew and I went with some friends to Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello in Charlottesville, VA. There’s surprisingly a lot to do here including multiple guided tours in the house and around the grounds and we were kept busy trying to fit it all in!

Fruit & Vegetable Gardens

One of the highlights of our trip was the harvest tasting tour where we got to sample a variety of garden-fresh tomatoes, squash, peppers, figs and even flowers (related: we will be adding nasturtiums to our garden next year!).


Thankfully for us, Jefferson was a note-taking fiend and the staff at the Monticello were able to restore his gardens based on drawings and notes that he left behind.

Flower Gardens

Thomas Jefferson’s House and Grave

We weren’t allowed to take photos inside of the house tour, which is a shame because as a scientist and inventor, Jefferson had a lot of fun gadgets in his home. One of these was his great clock located in the entrance hall, which is wound every Sunday and is powered by cannon ball weights. The wall behind the weights displays labels for each day of the week, spaced so that the clock’s weights lined up with the appropriate day. It’s really cool but there’s one small glitch in that his entrance hall isn’t tall enough for the whole thing so there’s a hole in the floor for the weights to go down into the cellar, where you’ll find the label for Saturday as well.

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