September Blooms and Harvests

Happy first day of Fall! It’s 80 degrees today but some leaves are just starting to change color here in Baltimore and local stores have been stocked with questionable pumpkin flavor combinations for weeks so Fall it must be!

Our garden is certainly seeing a bit of a change as we get later into the growing season. Our zucchini, soybeans, and muskmelon are now done but we still have plenty to keep us busy!

What’s in Bloom

tropicalmilkweedTropical Milkweed

Last month, it was home to nearly a dozen monarch caterpillars and although it no longer appears to have any caterpillars left, it’s still producing beautiful flowers so maybe we’ll still get one more crop of caterpillars before the monarch southern migration.

variegatedliriopeVariegated Liriope

A popular filler flower, I’ve seen these in bloom all over the Baltimore area and we don’t have many fall flowering plants currently in our yard so it’s nice to see these pops of purple come out.

lemonflowersDwarf Lemon Tree

You know it’s Fall because our lemon tree is now blooming! We should have lemons ready around Winter time but because the Baltimore climate is too cold for citrus trees, we’ll need to carefully acclimate the tree to indoors without upsetting its fruiting.

koreanteaflowersKorean Tea Plant

We still have yet to harvest its plant leaves for tea but for now its nice to see the green foliage broken up by these white and yellow flowers. As far as I know, the flowers are not edible or used in teas.


I’m loving the vibrant color of this coneflower. This plant is new to our garden; a gift from my mom. We haven’t planted it yet but it’s definitely on our list of to-do’s soon!

joepyeweedJoe-Pye Weed

Another gift from my mom and it’s not quite in bloom but it’s very nearly there so I felt it should be included.

Ready for Harvest

jalapenosJalapeño Pepper

After weeks of trying to deter our friendly, neighborhood groundhog (we call him “Chuck”), we finally got our little jalapeño sprouts to grow into mature plants and now we have jalapeños for days. Luckily, it’s also football season, which means it’s an optimum time for salsa, nachos, and plenty of cream cheese and jalapeño dips.


Our plant has been on a steady all summer due to an unchecked infestation of aphids (and I think also squash bugs) but we were able to get three melons out of it. Unfortunately, these muskmelons were all water and no flavor. Good thing they were a free trial seed! We probably won’t try growing these again.


It’s worth mentioning that our tomatoes are still going but we’ve pretty much abandoned the plants at this point. Originally, we planted the tomatoes so we could make completely homegrown salsa but the recipe we had wanted a pound of tomatoes peeled and we’re too lazy for that. Since neither of us likes the taste of tomatoes, they’re all yours, Chuck!

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