From Garden to Table — Zucchini

We harvested our last zucchini in July before a combination of squash vine borers and later squash bugs prevented any healthy new fruits from forming and I took the plants out. Before our zucchini season was cut short, we were able to get about a dozen zucchini and with those, we tested out a few new delicious recipes.


The long, spaghetti-like cuts of zucchini are not only fun to say, they are also delicious and can substitute regular noodles in just about any meal. This year, I got a vegetable spiralizer so we could make our own garden fresh zoodles!

shrimp-florentineShrimp Florentine

This was our first dish we made using zoodles and we loved it! We’ll definitely be making it again. We followed the recipe exactly with no modifications. Main ingredients include zucchini, shrimp, onion, garlic, baby spinach, lemon juice, and red pepper flakes.

Recipe from Allrecipes 

lemon-garlic-chicken-zoodles Lemon and Garlic Chicken Zoodles

We mixed it up a little for this next dish and mixed zoodles with squoodles (yellow squash). We also substituted red bell pepper for cherry tomatoes because neither Andrew nor I are particularly fond of tomatoes.

Recipe from The Cookin’ Chicks

thai-drunken-zoodlesThai Drunken Zoodles

This recipe was first made for us and shared with us by our friend Joe (thanks, Joe!) and we already made it again ourselves. I usually pick simple recipes with common ingredients but I had to pick up a lot of additional sauces for this one. It’s worth it, though, because this dish is delicious and very flavorful!

Recipe from How Sweet It Is


zucchini-muffinChocolate Chip Zucchini Muffins

This is one of my favorite recipes to make with zucchini! It’s delicious and makes for a great grab-and-go snack. I leave out the walnuts in the original recipe and instead add extra chocolate chips. Mmm!

Recipe from Allrecipes

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