Longwood Gardens Visit — Summer Spectacle

Over the weekend, Andrew and I took my mom on her first visit to Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA. Since Andrew and I had only visited in the winter, this was the first time any of us got to see the fountains and most of the gardens filled with flowers and foliage.

As usual, everything was beautiful and the addition of the fountains provided us the sound of trickling water almost everywhere we went. Here are a few of my favorite photos from the visit:

Fireworks and Fountains Show

We chose this day specifically so we could also enjoy the fireworks and fountains show at the garden’s newly renovated main fountains. The theme for the night was “A Night at the Movies” so we got to watch a dynamic fountain and fireworks display coordinated with tunes from movies like Harry Potter, The Pink Panther, Pirates of the Caribbean, James Bond, and Star Wars. The show was really neat, and I would recommend anyone in the area to see it at least once. I like the attention to detail like how the fireworks changed to go with the song. They had U.F.O. looking fireworks during E.T., and fireworks that looked like cannons during Pirates of the Caribbean.

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