Garden progress — May

The weather is heating up in Baltimore and our garden is officially in full swing with sprouts popping up everywhere! Some things (like the squash and marigolds) are easy to identify while for others, I’ll need to wait a little longer to determine if there are some weeds masquerading as our desired seedlings.

Here are some of the progress highlights for this month:


Looks like we’re getting apples this year! Last year, we planted these trees in containers while dormant and they quickly came to life but only produced one flower between the three of them and so we didn’t get any produce. This April, two of the trees were covered in beautiful blossoms and now both have numerous apples in the works.


Last year, we planted our zucchini for the first time and did so in ground after starting them inside. This year, we planted them from seed right into our outside containers. So far, they are doing really well, and since we learned last year that zucchini plants can get huge, we’ll have to start thinning some of these out so there’s less competition for soil nutrients.


Believe it or not, this is the first time we’re growing tomatoes (neither Andrew nor I am a fan of this watery fruit). After a few days of rain, our tomato plants have recently germinated


Muskmelon seeds came as a free gift with our seed order so we figured we’d plant those as well and have no idea what to expect. They were planted in a container along with a mixture of marigolds (that we will be transplanting when they’re more mature) so right now it looks to me like it’s mostly a bunch of marigolds coming up but I think some of the darker, rounder-leafed sprouts may be muskmelons.

green-beansGreen Beans

Last year, we had mixed success with pole beans so this year, we decided to try bush beans. Here they are, cropping up! Lately, they’ve been looking a little nibbled upon, so I’ll see if a coating of red pepper spray to see if that deters our friendly neighborhood rodents.

Rose Hips and Grapes

Unfortunately, our grape vine and rose bush have yet to show any growth and given the non-pliable, woody feel of their branches, I have a hunch this is more than a deep dormancy. We’re looking into getting replacement plants otherwise we’ll try again next year.

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