Garden Progress — April

It’s a beautiful 70 degrees in Baltimore right now. I know many of you love jacket weather but I thrive on days when the air feels warm on my skin.


20170427_101100One of the buds on our columbine plants is finally, finally, starting to open but it sure is taking it’s sweet time! I’m so used to buds appearing one day and opening completely within the next day or two but I feel like I’ve been watching these columbine buds for weeks! I consulted The Google to see if this was normal for columbine flowers but the search engine failed me. So I guess I just have to be patient and wait.


20170427_100941Our garlic is starting to sprout all over the place. Just yesterday, there were only a few greens poking out of the dirt but now it seems like most of the garlic has gotten going. This is the first time Andrew and I are trying our hand at garlic so I’m excited to see how it turns out!


20170424_183215This is also our first year growing onions —Andrew decided he wanted to ‘grow salsa’ this year. Thus far, all of the onions still appear to be alive.


20170427_101023This is our second year doing strawberries. We got some strawberries last year but they were so tiny we just left them on the plant. This year’s plants have started flowering again so hopefully we’ll be seeing some new berries soon too!

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